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Celebrating the day

Even as I put my contact lenses in, first time, with ease, no stinging, it felt like a good day.

Then Mr Bobbins. Then met housing officers who agreed, provisionally, to allow my plans for a community garden, and help to fund it.
Then remembering while out on my bike ride, I’d left my phone on the roof of my car, then cycling back home to find out was still there where I’d left it.
Then cycling back through Princess Park to find this beauty, a flowering blossom.
Then stopping to admire the Witch Hazel
And the beautiful symmetry of the unknown plant beneath my feet.
Then the sound and fleeting sight of the peregrine falcon, circling awesomely above the cathedral. Cycling through the city to the edge of the Mersey talking to skateboard kids about photography.
Sun on my face.
Light in my eyes.
Love in my heart.

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