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The Blackbird Sings

This is a little video to accompany the sound recording I made today of our local blackbird singing for the first time this year. Always a wonderful moment for me, sacred even.

This recording was made with my phone using a “Record Voice” App at about 16.00pm as sunset grew closer. The first songs of the season always seem to me to be a bit tentative, the singer well concealed in an evergreen tree, whereas in the spring or summer he would be singing from a more prominent vantage point, proclaiming his song for all to hear and see.

This next video I recorded on 2nd April 2013 in the evening at my mother’s house. I recorded the sound on a small Panasonic palm sized video recorder, then I took the audio and sympathetically enhanced it, volume, noise reduction, and recorded the playback in spectrogram form. Purely for my own interest so it is rather rough. I was trying to identify a signature phrase in the blackbird’s song which I only heard in this locality.

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